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Our brands are uniquely and holistically designed to penetrate specific target markets with range, category, and item selection. The Buying Team expertly negotiates the best available deals with specifically chosen, national and regional preferential suppliers, enabling members to compete directly with any competitor’s prices. Store location analytics empower the marketing team to expand the brand and provide the store with maximum exposure. All of this and more is accomplished through consultation with the store.

Contact Us: 0860 104 220 | info@essentialgroup.co.za | 66 Booysens Rd, Reuven, Johannesburg

Our Background

The company started out of a National Buying Group and has quickly evolved into a national, VALUE ADDING BRAND. We continue to grow, with a footprint of 100’s of brick and mortar affiliated partner (member) locations across Southern Africa, and a preferred/listed supplier network of partners comprising of 100’s of companies. Our Head Office is based in Booysens, Johannesburg with our National Business Centre and Accredited Training Facility (Site 66), situated directly next door (cosponsored by leading national brands.

Our Vision

Being the growth partner of choice for our members, suppliers, clients, staff and colleagues within the communities and markets we operate in, by providing the keys to enable sustainable, custom, value-added SOLUTIONS. Forget “brick-and-mortar retail” or “e-commerce retail”. Start to think “complete retail”. The path to achieve this is through partnering.

Brand & Offering Timeline

Our Mission

  • Be the leading growth solutions-based partner throughout the Southern African industries, markets, and communities we operate in.
  • Increase our members’ overall turnover and profit margins and help them make more money.
  • Generate more bottom-line revenue for members through better deals and rebates.
  • Help our members to be more competitive on Key Line Items within their industries.
  • Assist our member stores to grow their customer footprint and market share with our custom marketing strategy.
  • Assist our stores to embrace operational best practices with our specially developed retail tool-kit.
  • Ensure our members’ independence, flexibility and strengths are optimised and leveraged through a focused, coherent, and unified approach.
  • Be the thought leader in disrupting cross-industry problem solving through our core capabilities.

Our Values

  • Gratitude, respect, honesty, and credibility
  • Operating within strict legal and ethical guidelines
  • Offering unsurpassed service levels and support to our member network
  • Always acting in the best interest of the organisation and its members
  • Instilling a culture of service and continuous learning
  • Ensuring that the organisation always operates in accordance with legal and labour policies
  • Constantly adding value to our members

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