Plusten Sales Consultant – Theo Botha (Pictured Above)

“We had a blowout with the boat trailer at about 7:30pm on the very dark Warm baths Road. Saj and the Kids were in the car with me. I managed to pull to the side, but did not stop due to the risk of being attacked or high jacked.

I took a decision with safety as a priority to tow the boat with the burst trailer wheel for almost 30 minutes, driving half on the left shoulder gravel and half on the road with my hazards on so that I did not have to stop in the dark on a potentially dangerous road. How that rim and axle survived being towed for 30 minutes at 10km per hour, with almost no tyre, I have no idea…

The closest person that I could think of, in terms on proximity to where we were, was THEO BOTHA. He is both a supplier at one of my businesses and a friend.

Theo dropped everything that he was doing and raced to get to us to help us in our hour of need. You my friend, are an awesome human. We sincerely appreciate your help this evening.”

Thank you Jamal for sharing your story, we are so grateful that you are safe! To Theo, we are so proud of you for being a great friend and such a selfless human being.

Author – Jamal (Midstream Essential)