In a highly competitive market, delivering the best deals often means the difference between success and failure. At the Essential Group, we’ve heard our members express a greater need for better deals. We know this will ensure they can pass incredible savings on to existing customers – all while attracting new business. 

Enter Happy Deals. With our immense buying power, we’re trading in unmatched deals! Our Buying Team has negotiated and secured amazing, guaranteed prices from our suppliers. We pledge to deliver the best on meaningful and known line items. Not only do our members benefit, but their customers do too.

We also know that a relevant, individualised, and targeted marketing campaign is critical to sales success. If no one knows about your special offers and promotions, how will they capitalise on them?

As an Essential Group member, we want to help you achieve just that. With our knowledge and resources, and your passion and offering, we’re certain you’ll find great value in partnering with our marketing specialists. Our packaged offering ensures you save time, without compromising on your marketing messages. 

Are you ready to benefit even more from being part of our Pack? 

With a store centric marketing approach,

we’re introducing our NEW, highly effective HAPPY DEALS offering!

This holistic, automated marketing tool offers easy-to-use monthly catalogue templates, video marketing, social media posting, and database campaigns. 

Every facet of your marketing is covered;

and it’s oh so easy to use!

Now just because these templates are pre-loaded, it doesn’t mean they’re not powerful sales tools. Our Business Development Managers and Buying Team will help you craft a strategic, tailored marketing plan. 

We’ll focus on the marketing; you get the sales. It’s as simple as that. All you need to do is tick a box, select your templates, and we’ll do the rest. 

It’s quick, easy, and effortless. From *print ready catalogues and posters to the design and implementation of a comprehensive **social media plan; we’ve got it! 

Speak to your Business Development Manager 

today to activate your marketing campaign!


*All printing for members’ account

*Additional paid for Facebook ads available on request 

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