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Essential Group – Helping members reach retail maturity

In the lifecycle of a business, a key milestone that every business works toward achieving, regardless of the industry or sector they fall into, is business maturity. In essence, business maturity refers to how consistently processes and procedures are followed, how efficiently established systems are utilised, and how individuals develop within the business to provide remarkable service throughout the organisation.
NOTE: A common exception are businesses wanting to only be a “lifestyle” or “family business”, with no aim to build an underlying valuation. i.e.: One that a person or family live off with no real intention of exponential growth (requiring process, procedures and a more formal approach to business).

What is needed is a sustainable growth strategy to ensure that your business remains at the competitive edge in the market. This means analysing more than just how many sales you make, or the location of your store. Remaining competitive in an ever-changing environment means looking deeper into the macro – and micro-economy that your business falls into. This is where The Essential Group is changing the game.

A powerful strategy should strive to render competitors irrelevant

(Concept from “Render your competition irrelevant – Brook McCarthy”)

Aim high, really high

The Essential Method

Growing a business from infancy to maturity takes time, consistent effort and an understanding of the business’s strategies for growth. What the Essential Group has done is taken this formula and tailor it for each participating member, wherever they are. They assemble an entire contingent of personnel from their Head Office, including senior managers, operations managers, business developers, marketers, and business intelligence personnel, all of whom spend significant time creating suitable strategies for each member in their region.


Along with giving special attention and customised solutions to each store, The Essential Group’s input also involves specific programmes for each member, region and nationally. The Essential Group endeavours to keep these ventures in line with their strategy for business maturity.


The result of this type of input from such a powerful national buying group is the type of business that is able to weather the storms of the variable business environment, be capable of rising above a national economic crisis or social challenges. In fact, we believe that embracing the hard issues that South Africa faces, in a manner that positively contributes to the broader economy and the urgent need for job creation, is the right way forward. The Essential Groups’ strategy has already proven itself, with sustainable long-term projects already underway and many others inside a promising sales funnel. The Essential Group is clearly poised to thrive even within this competitive market segment and current economic environment.


To understand the “Essential Way” requires an in-depth understanding of our “Infrastructure Eco-System” and our appetite to partner with industry players to ensure a powerful Eco-System built on 3 main pillars: FEASIBILITY, CAPABILITY & SUSTAINABILITY.


The sustainability aspect needed to become deeply embedded in the core of our DNA, as it addresses needs at the heart of the South African economy: training, Enterprise & Supplier Development, funding and LONG-TERM sustainable jobs, not just job opportunities.


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