Successful Social Media: Here’s How

Today, data moves faster than ever before. With this constantly increasing pace of information, Social Media Campaigns offer so much more than the opportunity to highlight products. In this new age of digital marketing, social media is a key tool – it has never been easier to get your product “out there”, yet it’s never been more difficult to be heard. 

With the constant onslaught of information, it is imperative that you tailor your social media approach, content, and implementation. It must not only be relevant to your audience but must also accurately reflect your business. Well-written posts that share relevant insights, product information, or articles will engage and interest your clients, and potential clients. 

Don’t add to the data overload by posting excessively. Posting too often about unrelated topics will lead to unsubscribes or the loss of followers. It takes time to build a strong audience, so don’t squander it. 

Social media may not be rocket science, but it requires a strategic and consistent approach for real impact. We recognise this, and the power that it offers small businesses when handled effectively. As the Essential Group Marketing Team, we know this may seem daunting; but we’re here to guide you to social success by helping you build brand-specific, relevant content.

We offer the following Marketing Touchpoints

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ set up

  • Weekly Social Media Content Creation 

  • Customized Store Promotion Video 

  • Monthly Specials and Promotions

  • Video Marketing 

  • Monthly Email Marketing 

To commence with this service, please contact your Essential Group Business Development Manager; they’ll let us know and we’ll be in touch. 

In the meantime, here are some tips to remember when creating your own content:

Scrutinise the Purpose of the Post

  • Inspire – DIY tips and techniques 

  • Engage – ask a question, get an opinion, ask your client to engage with your post 

  • Entertain – video, related funny posts, or something that will be worth sharing 

  • Sell a product – promotions, discounts, or store sales

Decide How and When to Post 

  • 1/3 promotes your business 

  • 1/3 interacts with your audience 

  • 1/3 is a relevant share or insight that’s useful to others 

Dos & Don’ts 


  • Use good quality, high resolution, original content 

  • Include a description to links to help algorithms pick up your post’s keywords

  • Use video content (save on production costs by making use of the Essentials video marketing package) 

  • Devise a sound social sharing strategy, encouraging friends, family, and colleagues to like and share posts 

  • Pay for social advertising, it’s a very cost-effective way to expand your reach in a highly targeted manner


  • Use blurry, unappealing content 

  • Weaken consumer confidence through plagiarism 

  • Add to white noise with irrelevant messages 

  • Forget your brand identity and company ethos 

  • Post unnecessarily 

Essential is so much more than just a buying group. We understand that strengthening individual stores fortifies the entire Group’s brand awareness – effectively putting us (and you) ahead of our competitors. As our members grow, so the Essential family and national footprint grows. This empowers us to continue offering outstanding service, growth solutions, training facilities, and buying power.

Contact us and let us take your business from strength to strength.