At a previous NATCOM held in June, a new long term vision, strategy, and plan for the Essential Group Members was presented to a well attended National Committee. It was at this event that many paradigm-busting, big-picture plans were tabled and discussed at a high level. With the breadth and depth of the strategy being as far-reaching as they are and the time constraints of the meeting, the NATCOM requested that an interim progress report be presented within 3 – 4 months.

Fast forward to the recent NATCOM held in October during our charity golf day, 4 months after the previous NATCOM. The requested “progress report” culminated in a comprehensive, detailed preview of what was in the works and what had already been achieved, such as:

  • Growth Solutions – An entirely new business unit had already been formed
  • New, specialist personnel that complement the plan had already been employed.
  • Many of the industry sector corporates had already been approached, with new business likely from a number of them, further supporting the reality of the vision.
  • The importance of the Essential Membership footprint was highlighted. It was noted that in areas where we lacked a presence, we’d take steps to fill the void should no members wish to do so.
  • The concept of a “Wild Dog Team” was introduced to indicate the success of teamwork.
  • Branding – The importance of branding your store was stressed. Sales through the “Growth Solutions” division will only be filled by meeting a series of retail maturity measures…one of which is being branded. The ROI for stores is the realisation of the vision that offers exponential growth and a protected channel for the long term.
  • Suppliers – Exponential growth and new routes to market channels will be the outcome for suppliers that come on this journey with us.

The net take-aways from the sessions were:

  1.  The roadmap presented in June had been fast-tracked and the big picture concepts were already underway.
  2. It was clear that “The Time Is Now” to get properly branded.
  3. The new logo and signage flexibility should satisfy the needs of any member.