Africa Tanks (Pty) Ltd announced its presence in the South African market, during 2017 as a preferred manufacturer, of premium quality blow moulded water storage tanks. We use an international proven manufacturing process, called Extrusion Blow Moulding. To give our customers complete peace of mind, our tanks carry an eight year no fuss guarantee. Africa Tanks are proudly South African. Our robust water tanks are versatile for service in agriculture, corporate, industrial, retail and domestic use. Our tanks proudly carry a ten year no fuss guarantee, to emphasize our unwavering trust in our product’s quality. We are currently the only tank manufacturer of the unique three (3) layers, high density poly-ethylene water tank in South Africa. Our three-layer tanks are robustly suited for exposure to the unforgiving African sun. We currently manufacture 2000, 2500, 4000 and 5000 litre tanks, and for the domestic market we have a hugely popular 1600 litre, twin under eave or slimline tank. The “nestable” 2500 litre split-tanks can be economically transported over long distances to remote areas, in large quantities. Our 3-layer tanks are produced with the latest technology in a clean environment with the following characteristics:

Outer Layer : An UV stabilised outer layer: The HDPE for the outer layer has been modified to ensure the product’s maximum resistance to UV degradation.

Middle Layer : A black middle layer: Blocks out sunlight and residual UV radiation to create an uninhabitable environment for algae and bacteria inside the vessel.

Inner Layer: A white-opaque inner layer: This light colour makes inspection of the inside of the tank easier. And the food grade HDPE material ensures a zero material contamination from ourwater tanks.

HDPE material is denser in construction, and stronger, thanLDPE (Low density material),