The Heart of the Business is your Receiving Area.

Look at the following questions and answer them truthfully.

1. Has careful consideration been given to those assigned keys in this area, as this is typically a high shrinkage area?
2. Do all staff enter and leave the store through the back door? Are all staff searched when leaving the store?
3. Is the receiving bay cleared/empty before receiving to avoid confusion between incoming and outgoing stock?
4. Is only one supplier handled at a time – the balance of suppliers waits their turn outside the premises?
5. Are all boxed or cartons flattened?
6. Are boxes of merchandise never left open and unpriced in the stock room?
7. Do you ensure that returns never get confused with incoming goods/deliveries? – Always deal with incoming goods and returns separately?
8. Are returns properly documented?
9. Is a watchful eye kept on tampered seals or open cases, to ensure that no items are missing?
10. Is corrugated iron checked per sheet?

If you feel you need help in your Receiving Area after you answered the Questions…

Speak to your BDM and he will help you get your Receiving Area more safe and secure.


Area 1:

1. Goods are inspected for quality and quantity.
2. Inv are checked against delivery note and purchase order.
3. Goods moved to next cage after supplier left.

Area 2:

1. Goods get double checked.
2. Get GRV into system.
3. After GRV and pricing goods get moved to next area.

Area 3:

1. Goods get checked against inv or GRV from system.
2. Goods go to sales floor.


1. Staff / customers are not allowed to walk into receiving area 1 & 2
2. Always open tampered sealed boxes
3. Do double checks where possible
4. Check inv against delivery note and purchase order
5. Only handle one supplier at a time in receiving area 1
6. Lock away receiving stamp if not in use
7. Check carbon copies of suppliers
8. Lock all doors in area 1 when checking goods
9. Secure all cages before receiving new supplier
10. Send GRV documents to office daily
11. Never leave boxes open and unpriced in area 1 & 3


1. Need to be promptly documented and boxed
2. Claims book needs to be reconciled with credit notes on regular basis (e.g. weekly)
3. Keep in area 2 on separate shelf