Sales Drivers to boost your retail sales.

I am surprised at how many Salted Retailers do not work with the most basic data at their disposal.

Not all Retailers mind you, but by far the majority, do not drive their Sales by managing their lead indicators.

These are:

  1. Traffic into your store (Feet count)
  2. Customers served (Transactions done)
  3. Numbers of items per basket (Basket size)
  4. Average value of time

To increase any of these Sales Drivers there are several Critical actions that has to be correct in store across all the activities that drives Customer satisfaction and retention.

Most retailers know what their end of day sales are, but can you do anything at that point to change or improve it– absolutely not! By managing your AVERAGE TRANSACTION VALUE throughout the day, you can change sales volumes in the present by driving:
Conversion Rates – (Transactions done) and ATV (more items per basket at higher values) This exponentially increases sales for example:
Adding a 5% increase across all drivers does not equate to a 5 % increase in Sales but a 21.55% INCREASE in sales!!!

You’ll be amazed at the results
Want to enjoy exponential sales growth????

Article by Ilanga Retail Consultants
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