The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.


As you all know, like many other businesses in the country, we were compelled to respond responsibly to the Global COVID Pandemic. As this virus hit the South African shores in March 2020, businesses were forced to revolutionise their offerings within days.  On the 1st of April, the Nationwide lockdown was instituted. As a Group, we complied with the President’s disaster management regulations. We also urged all members and stakeholders to do the same.  

While the economic impact of this strategy has had a profound effect on everyone across the globe, those who acted quickly were spared the worse consequences of the lockdown. Essential Group was fast to respond to this crisis, and with this effort ensured that there was a minimal impact on its staff and members. 

That being said, casualties of this invisible war were inevitable. Over the last four months many difficult decisions had to be made. At every instance, the focus was on the long-term survival and growth of Essential Group and its members. 

One of these decisions was the changeover of our Marketing Management team. This decision was made to revitalise the overall offering to members in alignment with our current brand focus, to rejuvenate our messages, and to ensure that the Essential Group brand continues to grow from strength to strength. 

As Covid grips the country, we have all been forced to be innovative. This innovation extends to our Marketing Team, which has been working hard behind the scenes to activate the Keys to Success campaign. Making these changes now is critical, as we look to the future of business and the way we communicate with our clientele. 

With an objective eye, the Marketing Team is working with us to improve on what we know works, and to replace what doesn’t with better solutions. We are spending a lot of time analysing the data so that we can focus on strategies that will bring tangible results. 

We are immensely proud to be rolling out this vision with you and our Business Development Managers. We look forward to taking you and your business into the next phase of the Essential Group vision. As we consolidate our marketing and centralize our offering, you will notice some changes through the recommended marketing channels. We encourage you not only to use the platforms and opportunities, but also to develop an in-depth understanding of how these offerings can help you reach optimum growth potential.  


Below is a brief overview of the refreshed marketing offering, to give you some insight into the changes we’re making. Over the next 10 weeks we will roll out this offering, exploring each aspect in detail. 

Strategic Social Media

There is no denying the power of social media. We will be using Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to share relevant content. We’ll highlight our social media campaign strategy in the coming weeks, sharing key insights into how to keep your audience entertained and engaged. Subtle brand building makes for a better brand identity, and we’ll help you achieve that. 

Personalized Video Marketing

Video marketing is the fastest growing form of social media and digital communication. When done properly, we can harness this immense potential. These videos can be used in-store, on WhatsApp promotions, on Google My Business, websites, and on social channels. This marketing channel is also supported by print and e-pamphlets, making sharing your specials and offerings faster and more efficient.


Online Training and Customer Support

Gain access to training on cross-selling, up-selling, effective product merchandising, and excellent customer service. We’ll share top marketing tips to help you drive more feet into your store. An integrated customer support system allows members to lodge any issues, empowering the Essential Group to resolve these effectively.  


Wild Dog Culture

Just as wild dogs operate as a pack, the Essential Group ensures its members hunt for business together, share the spoils, and fend off outside threats as a unit. This is unique, powerful, and offers success beyond measure. As part of this Wild Dog Culture, we offer immense loyalty to preferred suppliers. We’ll share how this benefits the Group, with a focus on continuous growth with suppliers, while building and maintaining lasting relationships. 


Ecommerce Integration

The innovative, newly launched e-Commerce platform will help members break into the online market, allowing current and potential clients to shop online, 24/7. 


Increased Brand Awareness and Analytics Strategy

Harnessing the power of data, we’ll be using highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art programmes to gain valuable operational insights. With this analytics strategy, we’ll delve into the best avenues to increase your reach across all aspects of your business.


Interactive Webinars

Offering a high level of interaction these webinars are unique to the Essential Group and offer excellent information sharing capabilities. We’ll empower you to promote great deals and prizes during these webinars. 


Marketing Automation Assistance

Through true marketing automation, we’ll help you address the heart of the problem in small business marketing. Time and budget. We’ll assist you with an easy and interactive way to get optimum return from the marketing support programme. This turnkey solution will help you highlight promotions and specials easily and effectively via social media, video marketing, and monthly email campaigns. 


We are excited to share this 10-week journey of transformation with you. As we take on the rest of 2020 (and beyond) we are well positioned to succeed with our vision firmly set on our goals. 


As always, our relationship is founded in partnership. If you have any questions about the marketing approach, please feel free to contact