Join us for the first Essential Group Virtual Trade Week

Covid may have forever changed the face of events across the globe, but it by no means hinders the power of connection – albeit in a digital format. Our members and suppliers will fondly remember the incredible Essential Group Trade Days(which will be back in 2022, Covid permitting)featuring an unmissable vibe and immense opportunities. 

With the inaugural Virtual Trade Week set to kick off in August this year, we’re bringing you our own “Black Friday” like deals, new, exciting products and ranges, and we’re empowering our members (old, new, and prospective) to broaden their supplier networks. This online Trade Week will give 55 high-quality suppliers immense visibility, featuring their videos, brochures, and unique selling propositions for all members to see. 

The world has been forced to digitize faster than ever before – but rather than seeing this as a drawback, it’s time to recognise it for the opportunity that it is. Our Virtual Trade Week will show you just how to embrace digitisation. Easy to use links and WhatsApp communications will guide you through the Virtual Trade Week effortlessly, and we’ll reward you for participating with great spot prizes, giveaways, and huge saving opportunities!

30 August to 5 September 2021

Meet brilliant suppliers, impress customers with great products, save with one-week-only “Black Friday” like deals, and leverage incredible spot prizes and giveaways!

Welcome to the pack. the family. success.

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